Overtime In Labor Law

The article of 41-43 of the Labor Law, additional article 1 of Press Labor Law and article 28 of Maritime labor law regulate provisions regarding overtime. Article 41 of Turkish Labor Law No.4857 regulates overtime work. In accordance with article 41 of Turkish Labor Law, all employees may perform overtime work for reasons such as the necessity of work or increasing productivity in the workplace. The standard labor time is 45 hours per week and in case of overtime, the employee may have a right to receive overtime payment. As stated in the Article 41/3 of Turkish Labor law the excessive work wage for one hour is increased 50% in comparison to normal wage. Employees may have a right to utilize free time for their overtime work rather than receiving the overtime work wage. The approval of the employee must be received for overtime work and the entire time for overtime work couldn’t exceed 270 hours in a year.